Two Spoonfuls- a new chapter!

I'm excited to share some news about the new chapter of my blogging learning process! After experimenting with Three of a Kind and learning more about what posts I enjoy the most and what content would be able to reach more readers, Mary and I decided that making a joint food blog would be the best way for us to grow our blogging skills and make creative, original posts! Instead of just me posting most of the time, now both of us will have an equal role sharing our fun culinary adventures cooking and baking anything from fancy desserts to fresh, healthy meals! I really encourage you all to check out Two Spoonfuls, our new food blog, as it will feature even better content and a similar blog layout and design! Right now we are still working on a few layout items on the blog, but it is up and running with a fun first post!

I'm not sure what the future will be for Three of a Kind, but it has been such a great learning experience for me in teaching me about blog design, content, writing posts, and of course having lots of fun along the way! And while the third member of Three of a Kind, my best friend Bailey, has not been able to post on this blog, I am hoping she can share some of her great recipes on Two Spoonfuls since she is quite the foodie as well!

Macarons we made in our first post on Two Spoonfuls!
Please join us as we embark on our new culinary adventure, and don't worry I am sure we will have DIY or travel posts from time to time!

As always, thanks so much for reading and I can't wait to see where the new blog takes Mary and I!


Check out Two Spoonfuls via the links in this post or at!

Final(s) Week in Boston

This past week has really been a crazy, occasionally stressful, but all around awesome final week in Boston, at least final week for my freshman year! It's been so fun taking breaks from final exams to spend time with lots of friends and eat out at some delicious places!

It will be so strange for me not seeing the new friends I have met here over the summer, as they all live all across the US! Summer will be a fun experience back at home with friends and family I have missed while at school, but I will really really miss my new friends and am already so excited for school to start again in the fall!

I thought I'd share some pictures of my friends and I while sharing about some of the delicious restaurants we have visited that are now some of my favorites!

1. Ribelle- 
Mary and I had to get brunch with with our amazing Intervarsity Christian Fellowship leader Olivia and had the best time eating at Ribelle in Washington Square! It was all of our first times, and I have been raving about the place since!  Ribelle has a small, inventive menu that changes weekly. The space has a minimalist feel but the flavors are bold and involve many unique and unconventional combinations! Really a cool place. 

We split three things, including my favorite, sourdough pancakes with lime curd, butterscotch, and freeze dried raspberries! (as seen in the beautiful picture below) Everything was beyond delicious and great for sharing!

Hard to believe, but tastes even better than it looks!
Egg Bolognese (left) and the tastiest kale ever (right)

Olivia and I!
My great roomie Hyewon and I decided to try out Root, a quaint, casual cafe with a rustic feel. Root has a small menu filled with creative vegan combinations, from your not-so-traditional black bean quinoa burger with a side of delicious herbed fries (which were irresistibly good), to a Crispy Cauliflower PoBoy and Eggplant Caprese Sandwich. The prices were great for the large portion sizes! 
Tostadas with chili spiced sweet potatoes and corn/black bean salsa! 

 3. FoMu Ice Cream-
After Root, we had to check out FoMu, a unique ice cream shop right next door! FoMu makes vegan ice cream (I know, sounds weird, but actually SO good!) with most flavors made from a coconut milk base. They have so many unique flavors from roasted cinnamon banana to avocado to sweet lavender! I got a combo of Purple Mu (raspberry, blueberry with dark and white chocolate chips and Magic Bar (vanilla ice cream with coconut flakes, chocolate, graham cracker, and vegan caramel) and Hyewon got half Magic Bar and half Sweet Lavender! Hyewon had never had vegan ice cream before, and actually said it tasted better than the original! Who knew!

I have written about Sweetgreen a few times before and I can't emphasize how much I love their amazing, fresh salads. Sweetgreen has a menu of great, made-to-order salads, or you can make a custom salad from their endless choices of greens, toppings, and dressings! I love how they list the local farms where they get their ingredients and they are just an awesome company overall with great sustainability initiatives. I am so happy to have discovered Sweetgreen this year, too bad there isn't one in Chicago (yet!) My great friend, and fellow Sweetgreen lover, Mattie and I had the best time together enjoying our yummy salads!

Harvest bowl, the best!
Mattie and I!

It has been the best final week in Boston, finals and all! It has been so fun getting together with friends and saying goodbye for the summer! I can't wait for summer but there's so much to look forward to in coming back to school in the fall!

If you are anywhere in the Boston area, you must check some of these places out! Hope you are all having a great week!