Lilly for Target Success!

Mary and I really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we made our way to Target this morning for the Lilly for Target release! We did our "homework" looking over the collection and made sure to get to the store about an hour early, and there was already a line of about thirty people (more or less) at 7AM! By the time it was almost 8AM, there were at least 300 people in line eagerly anticipating the opening of the doors! It was both of our first time at a big sale event, and neither of us knew how crazy things could possibly get when the doors opened! 

image via Target
Last night when the collection was released online, I was luckily able to snatch a pair of the navy patterned espadrilles I really wanted, which was a feat in itself! It took lots of tries (and a lot of patience) refreshing the page again and again after it crashed many times and once my order was confirmed I was happy I would have at least one item from the collection! While waiting in line, Mary and I decided that if we both came out of the store with at least one thing we would be happy! Mary really wanted the white crochet tank and I really wanted one of the fun scarves! Though from the moment the doors opened things were much crazier than we thought, somehow Mary and I were lucky and each ended up with four things! It was a mad dash of people grabbing anything and everything, and I think the whole collection had been wiped out by 8:05AM! 

One of the smart things Mary and I chose to do was check out the kids section after I had grabbed two scarves and Mary grabbed the crochet tank and the navy shorts for me (she's the best)! We both fit into the larger kids sizes, and both of the shift dresses were only $26! I still can't believe how great the prices were, and the pieces are really decent quality, especially the dresses! 

Though the colors are a little bright, especially the pink shift I ended up with, all the pieces will be perfect for summer and the price was right! We can't wait for the weather to warm up a little to break out some of our new pieces, and are already looking forward to wearing our Lilly for Target things while in Hilton Head this summer! 

Our fun finds! (Both dresses, pink shorts, and blue and pink shorts are kids!) 
Loving my new scarf!

 Though this morning was insanely crazy and already seems like a blur (everything went SO fast!) we both had so much fun finding such cute pieces! Now I can't wait for my shoes to come in the mail!

Did anyone else grab any great Lilly for Target pieces this morning? I'd love to hear about your favorite finds!



  1. Great review! I got a kids shift too, but wish they would have stocked my Target with more of them! They only had one style. Oh well. Love the post!

  2. I got a kids shift too! So glad it fit! I loved the blue and pink shorts but I didn't even see them. I hope you'll think about joining the #LillyForTargetLinkup I'm co-hosting on April 29th! Details are in my last blog post :)

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  3. You had such a successful trip! I got all of my items online, so I'm a little nervous about how the dresses I bought will fit.