Thoughtful Thursday

I truly cannot believe that today was my last day of classes. The end of the year really seemed to sneak up on me, and now that it's here I'm realizing how many things I have left to do between now and when I'll be flying home in 11 days, which of course includes taking final exams, and writing a 20 page paper, always fun!

One of my favorite (and very spontaneous) crafts I have made this year is a collection of some of my favorite short encouraging sayings that I strung on a string of twine using the cutest little clothespins (from the Target dollar section!) and hung on the wall behind my desk. It's hung in the perfect spot for when I need a little reminder to step back and view things from a different perspective.

In honor of the coming of finals and the wrap up of my freshman year (crazy typing that!) I thought I'd share some thoughtful and encouraging quotes, in the form of some lovely art prints I have found! 

via Abby Hyslop Lettering
via Abby Hyslop Lettering

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the bit of inspiration! Sometimes I really need it!
 I've got some great blog posts in the works, stay posted! 


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