5 Things I Love this Week

1. This Article- Photo Evidence That America Might have the Worst School Lunches
When I came across this article last night on Brit and Co's website, I was absolutely amazed. Growing up, I had always packed a lunch to bring to school, I never wanted to get anywhere near the cafeteria food. In elementary school, junior high, and high school, so many students ate food from the cafeteria and over the years cafeteria food doesn't seem to have improved either health or variety wise! Looking at some common school lunches from countries around the world really changed my perspective on exactly how far behind America is in terms of promoting healthy, nutritious, and also great tasting school lunches! Looking at the American lunch plate filled with processed foods makes me want to gag... and wish I lived in Italy :) And this article makes me love Sweetgreen all the more! Such a great initiative!
Image via Brit + Co.com
2. The Target Dollar Section
When most people walk into Target, they tend to pass by the little dollar section towards the front and  look for their Target treasures elsewhere throughout the store. I have often done this in the past, yet every time I take a minute to venture into the dollar section I always seem to find the cutest things! A few weeks ago, I received a picture from my friend Bailey with a basketful of adorable patterned pens, pencils, notebooks, sticky notes, and other cute things! When I asked her where she found it all, I was shocked to hear that everything was from the dollar section of Target! Since then, I have ventured to many different Target stores and have made sure to check out the dollar section in each store! I have gotten some really cute stationery/scrapbooking items, all for $1 each! Bailey, Mary, and I are all obsessed! Next time you head to Target, check it out!!

3.  Designlovefest "Dress Your Tech"
One thing that helps me brighten my day and think warm thoughts in this cold weather is a fun, colorful, desktop wallpaper! I LOVE the free desktop wallpaper downloads from Design Love Fest, they have such great artist collaborations and such fun patterns and prints! They are also so easy to download and set as your wallpaper, and always make me smile whenever I open my computer!

4. Theo Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
This past weekend before the 3rd major snowstorm hit, I managed to make it to Whole Foods to stock up on some fruit, vegetables, and other things for the week! While browsing through the store, I saw some Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups made by one of my favorite chocolate companies, Theo Chocolate! Theo is such a cool brand that sells the most amazing organic and Fair Trade chocolates, and when I saw they now also sell Peanut Butter cups, I was sold immediately! They came in a pack of two and were very reasonably priced, so I grabbed a pack and put them in the freezer! They didn't last too long, they were just too good! I will definitely be grabbing another pack next time I'm at Whole Foods!

5. Twice- liketwice.com
Due to the incredible amount of snow Boston has received in the past few weeks and the frequent shut-down of Boston's public transportation, I have been on campus/in the dorm for much more time than usual! Because spring break is quickly approaching and I have wanted to purchase a few new things, I have been doing lots of shopping online! One of the sites where I have found some great deals in the past few weeks is Twice! Twice is a site where you can both sell your used designer clothing and also purchase clothing from many top name brands at great prices! Though I was originally hesitant about purchasing from Twice, I have learned from experience as both a buyer and seller that Twice only sells clothing that is in great condition! In the past two weeks I have ordered quite a few things from the Twice website (all from either Anthropologie or J Crew) and with some great promotions each item has been $15 or under! All of the items are too cute and such great buys! On another note, Twice also sells handbags, and at the beginning of this year I somehow managed to get a Fossil Foldover Crossbody bag in a pretty metallic pewter color for $20! (I still can't believe it..) The bag looked practically new and since then I have seen the same bag in department stores for around $200! Check out liketwice.com and grab the good deals while you can!
Some of my great Twice finds!

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