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When coming to college, one of the things I really looked forward to was having another city to explore! Every time I visit a new city it is so fun to look for the best sights, shops, and of course restaurants! I'm lucky to attend a school that's so close to an amazing city- the city of Boston really has so much to offer!

Something I have loved exploring so far is Boston's food scene! From amazing seafood to beyond delicious Italian cuisine, there is something for everyone! While I've only been living in Boston for about six months now, I've gotten to try many different restaurants, cafes, and bakeries in and around the city, and thought I would share some of my favorites.

1. Flour Bakery- this bakery/cafe is just the cutest and their pastries/bread selection always looks and tastes amazing! Their banana bread is a personal favorite and it is the recipe I always make at home! (can be found here) I love their steel cut oatmeal, french toast, and egg sandwiches, just to name a few favorites from the menu! I have visited the locations in both Back Bay (a larger location), and on Washington St. multiple times! My aunt even gave me one of the Flour cookbooks as a Christmas present!

Love the breads and baked goods at Flour! (Washington St. location)

2. Sweetgreen (Chestnut Hill and Boylston St.)- I LOVE this place! I could honestly eat at Sweetgreen every day! Sweetgreen has seasonal salads, rice/quinoa bowls, soups, and my favorite custom salads! They have all the ingredients you could want, and many ingredients are both organic and locally sourced! My kind of place! They have locations in Boston, New York, DC, MD, and a few other states! They need to come to Chicago, stat.

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3. OTTO Pizza (Brookline/Cambridge)- OTTO pizza is the best! I've been twice and both times I have LOVED their specialty pizzas! OTTO has both typical cheese/pepperoni/margherita and more creative/adventurous pizzas such as Carrot Cauliflower Sage, Chicken Carmelized Pear & Fontina, and even crazy combinations such as Meatloaf Mashed Potato & Herb! (I have tried the Carrot Cauliflower/Chicken pear and love them both!) Though the combinations may seem weird, everything I have tried has been so delicious! They have locations in Brookline and in Cambridge. I can't wait to go back.

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4. The Paramount (Beacon Hill)- Paramount is another one of those must-visit restaurants in Boston! I remember when I was touring colleges with my dad in Boston a few years ago, we were looking for a breakfast restaurant and saw a place with a long line out the door so decided that must be the place- it was Paramount! Since then I have been three times, including breakfast and dinner, and each time I love the quaint atmosphere and the delicious food even more! I'm not a big pancake/waffle eater, but their fruit topped pancakes are just delicious (and definitely big enough to share!) Dinner at Paramount was just as good as breakfast, I went when my aunts came to Boston to visit and we were all very satisfied with our meals! Just one tip, if you're going for breakfast, go early! The lines can get really really long and there isn't too much seating inside! But it's definitely worth a bit of a wait...

Strawberry pancakes- so good! You can get fruit topped or fruit baked
in the pancakes, either way you can't go wrong!
5. Paul Patisserie (Somerville)- I randomly found this place while shopping at the Outlets at Assembly Row in Somerville,  and am so glad I decided to venture inside! The french decor inside is too cute and the pastries are beautiful! While I sadly didn't try any of the pastries, I shared a Caprese sandwich with my sister which was on freshly baked olive bread! They also sold mini loaves of their bread, and I purchased a wheat loaf to bring back to my room! Délicieux! Now I want to venture out to Somerville just to eat at Paul again!
Doesn't it all look lovely?

These are just a few of the many great restaurants I have tried throughout my time in Boston thus far! I am so excited to have 3.5 more years to explore more of the best Boston bites!


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