An Introduction

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I'm so excited to enter the world of blogging! I've always wanted to combine my love for writing and for food/fashion/design/crafting, and now seemed like the perfect time! To start, forgive me for the rough aesthetic state of the blog. I wanted (to try) to make a blog all on my own, and have realized pretty quickly that it's not as easy as I thought. For example, I never thought I'd have to learn another language in this blog-making process! Computer code? It has been a learning experience for sure! I am trying not to let my frustration get in the way, knowing that I have to start somewhere! I have learned so much in just the three days I have spent putting together the rough design of this blog!

 A little about myself- I am a freshman at Boston College and originally from a Western suburb of Chicago. I'm not sure if my heart will ever leave the city of Chicago, but I've realized I'm falling in love with Boston rather quickly! Though maybe not the 40 inches of snow we've had in the past few weeks...

 I come from a family of cooks and craftsmen/women and have inherited both a love for good food and an knack for DIY/design! I share many of these interests with my twin sister Mary, who will be making frequent guests posts, along with my BFF Bailey, who will also be making many appearances! Together, we are Three of a Kind! (In the picture, Mary on left, Bailey in middle, I'm on the right!)

 I hope you'll continue to join me in my blogging adventure and enjoy the various DIY projects, delicious recipe posts, and various other fun blog posts as much as I do! I'm so excited to watch this blog grow!

 xo, Hannah

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