Happy Valentine's Day!

Since Valentine's Day is one of my favorite of the smaller holidays, I thought I would to post to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and share a little Valentine's spirit! Of course, my dorm is decked with cute Valentine's decorations (including the adorable heart wreath made by my mom!) and I know I won't want to take any of the decorations down, so they will probably be staying up until the end of the month!

Last night while babysitting, I made some festive Valentine's cupcakes and love how they turned out! The cupcakes are made with Trader Joe's Vanilla Bean Cake Mix (I'm usually not one for boxed mixes but this mix is just too good!) A few weeks back when I had a chance to go home for the weekend, I made some Valentine's cookies with two other sweet girls I babysit for, and thought I had to share some pictures!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and got to spend some time with loved ones! Today I had  the awesome opportunity of watching my roommate perform a Korean Fan Dance in a cultural performance on campus- it was beyond beautiful! I went out for a nice dinner with my sister afterwards, and luckily the heavy snow started just as I was about back to my room! Tomorrow all Boston Public Transportation will be closed because of the expected 12-18", so looks like I will be snowed in! I'm thinking of making a post sharing some of the cool DIY projects I have done in the past!


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