DIY Dorm Edition

Throughout high school, Mary and I were always so excited at the thought of designing our dorm rooms in college! We had both seen so many Pinterest pins that showed complete transformations from drabby, boring dorms to fabulous, cozy rooms, and we definitely wanted to make our rooms very comfortable and feel like home. 

During senior year, both Mary and I visited probably every TJ Maxx and Home Goods within 50 miles of our house and were able to come across some great finds! Though it seemed like we were going "over the top," in the design process, decorating our dorms proved to be beyond worth it, as it has been so nice to have a "home away from home" to relax, study, and hang out with friends!

Decorating our dorm rooms was also a great experience to start with a clean slate and design rooms of our own! We were both very budget conscious in the process, found some great deals, and did lots of DIY projects! 

Here were the design boards Mary and I came up with when beginning the design process! I chose a soft color palate of lilac purple, navy, and some light blues. Mary went with a fun and bright combo of navy, coral, and aqua!  
I ended up choosing the patterned fabric to use for my DIY headboard and it has become the focal point of my room!
                 Mary color coordinated with her roommate with bedding from PB Teen! 

After shopping around and finding some cute items online, Mary and I both couldn't be happier with how our rooms turned out! Here are some "after" pictures! 

Lessons learned: Designing a dorm, or any room, doesn't have to be a stressful and expensive process! Starting with ideas boards really helped us both organize some of our favorite colors and decor pieces. Visiting Home Goods stores and searching for treasures was such a fun process and starting early in our senior years allowed us lots of time to find just the right items! 

Hope you enjoy!
Hannah & Mary

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