5 Things I'm Loving This Week

Now that I'm back in the swing of things here at school after spring break, I'm excited to get back into sharing some cool things I have come across each week! I'm hoping to share another fun post this weekend to break up my studying, it is definitely midterm season here at BC!

1. The Kitchn (no, not a typo!) Steel Cut Oats
One thing Mary and I love eating for breakfast is steel cut oatmeal! For those who don't know, steel cut oatmeal is definitely not like the instant oatmeal packages, it actually takes quite a bit of time to cook and has a much softer texture. For the past few years, our dad would make us steel cut oatmeal almost every morning, and we would get very creative with toppings such as fresh blueberries (sometimes blueberry compote!) blackberries, apples and cinnamon, unsweetened coconut flakes, and on more rushed mornings dried cranberries and pecans! We have always made steel cut oatmeal either on the stovetop or in a crock pot, so didn't know how we would make our favorite breakfast work in our small kitchen-less dorms! At the beginning of the year we purchased a small, 2 quart crock pot, and now more than ever Mary and I love steel cut oats for breakfast especially given the lack of nutritious choices in the school dining hall. This week I came across a recipe on The Kitchn for pre-making steel cut oats, preparing them in small mason jars, and having make-ahead breakfasts for a week! We usually make multiple batches a week, so will have to give this a try! I also think it's great they used chia seeds as a mix-in! Chia seeds are the best, I will have to add them to my mix-in options!

The topping options are endless! Image via The Kitchn

2. H.M. Willow
I stumbled upon the company H.M. Willow on Instagram a few weeks ago, and need to snatch some of their gorgeous stackable bracelets ASAP! H.M. Willow sells handmade jewelry using beautiful natural gemstones and they have so many style and color options. All of their products are so unique and definitely eye-catching pieces! Since coming across H.M. Willow, I have seen many bloggers and Instagram users that I follow also raving about H.M. Willow's beautiful designs! Everything is fairly reasonably priced, I can't wait to start my stack of their lovely bracelets.

image via H.M Willow

3. How to Fake Calligraphy
The past few years I have really gotten interested in hand lettering and while I have developed my own hand lettering styles, I love the look of "fake" or "cheating" calligraphy, similar to calligraphy writing but created with a gel-ink pen! I really like the tutorial for creating fake calligraphy by Lindsey on The Postman's Knock  and I have been using Lindsey's advice to work on my hand lettering lately! Soon I hope to share one my own creations!

image via The Postman's Knock

4. Boston College OWN IT Women's Summit
A few weeks ago I signed up to volunteer for an amazing conference held here at Boston College in just a few weeks on Sunday, March 29th! The conference is called OWN IT! Summit and some renowned female leaders and entrepreneurs are coming to speak about their successes and roles as female leaders. The Summit consists of keynote speakers (including Kate White, best-selling author and former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine) as well as breakout sessions on specific topics such as STEM, Education, Business, among others. I can't wait for the event and know it will be a very empowering day! Boston College always has the coolest events on campus and it seems like there's always a great speaker or discussion going on!

image via OWN IT BC
5. Penguin the Magpie 
On a heartwarming final note, check out this cute story of "Penguin" the Magpie bird in Australia! After a family found the very young bird abandoned on the ground, they took her in and helped her grow up healthily and safely, and since then the bird has become a part of the family! In the article, the family describes "Penguin" as a "family pet" and describe how she flies in to spend time with the family and even snuggle up with the kids in bed! What a crazy and fun story! I can't even imagine how much fun the boys must have with their unique family pet!

photo via Daily Mail UK

Hope you enjoy some of these things as much as I do! Have a great weekend! 


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