Fave Foodie Instagram Accounts

Coming to college and living in a dorm, one of the bigger changes for me was the fact I would not have a kitchen (at least not freshman year!) I have always been used to delicious home-cooked meals and having such fun in the kitchen either cooking or baking! Often on sites like Pinterest or Instagram, I find so many wonderful recipes that I add to my collection of dishes I want to try this summer, or next year when I will have a kitchen! Right now the collection of recipes I want to try is huge, and my excitement and anticipating to be able to cook has resulted in me finding more awesome food blogs, websites, and Instagram accounts than ever! Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite foodie Instagram accounts, all which truly make food into an art with beautiful photographs! I love when the pictures are also linked to recipes, making it easy for me to replicate the delicious dishes. If you are hungry before reading this post, you probably won't be able to look through it all as some of food looks just too good! The accounts range from healthy eats, dessert-focused, local fare, beautiful food art, to everything in between!

 9. Wright Kitchen (@wrightkitchen)- mostly photography, but so cool nonetheless! 

I added a few more recipes to my collection just writing this post! Everything looks SO. GOOD. 

Enjoy and please share your favorite foodie Instagram accounts!

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  1. Food photos can be SO gorgeous! I'm with you on the bummer of freshman year with no kitchen - it was a drag!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon