5 Things I'm Loving this Week

Here's another edition of a few things I'm loving this week! It's been a crazy but exciting week for me filled with midterms, interviews for activities next year, and a blog re-design!

About the blog re-design- Throughout this blogging process, one thing that has really interested me is designing a blog that truly matches my style! Since starting the blog in mid-February, I have gone through a few different "looks" and think that for now I am happy with the latest design! I customized a blogger design from 17th Avenue with my favorite colors and elements of my style! I can't wait to see where this design takes me!

1. Well + Good Boston Fit Guide-
A few weeks ago, Bailey told me about Well + Good, a cool site devoted to wellness, nutrition, and advice on living a healthy lifestyle! I check out the Well + Good website a few times a week and was surprised this week when they published a Boston Healthy City Guide! While I've been able to explore quite a bit of Boston, the Well + Good Fit Guide lists lots of healthy restaurants, fitness studios, and other cool spots I will have to add to my list of places to go!

2. PopSugar Article- 101 Amazing Pieces You'd Never Guess were from Home Goods
I think sometimes stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods get a bad rap, but over the years I have learned that if you look around and check out these stores on a consistent basis, you can find some great deals on quality items! I have purchased lots of accessories from Home Goods for my dorm room, and my aunt who is an interior designer finds cool accessories and furniture from Home Goods quite often! Some of these items are such great buys you would never know came from Home Goods! After you check out this article I'm sure you'll want to be visiting the nearest Home Goods to do a little spring decorating.

3. Habits and Happiness Article-
I am always so fascinated by the psychology of human behavior and research on related topics and recently came across this cool article! Lately, I have seen lots of articles mentioning best-selling author Gretchen Rubin's new book Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of our Everyday Lives and I need to get my hands on a copy soon! The article talks about the process of forming habits, and discusses four broad human tendencies identified by Rubin which influence how we develop routines.  Instead of aiming toward large, often unreachable goals such as "New Years Resolution" type-aspirations, the article discusses working towards developing very small habits, and associating these habits with positive emotions or feelings of celebration! It is a good read, check it out!

4. Air Plants-
This is a bit of a random one, but last week while running in Walgreens, I came across a cute little air plant in a tiny owl pot! I was so shocked to see it, especially in Walgreens, as I love owls and air plants! It was a must buy and only $3! I love air plants and succulents, as they are so fun and pretty easy to take care of! I have a few potted succulents, a glass bamboo planter, and now this little air plant in my dorm! It's nice to have some living plants in my room! And by the way, Pinterest has so many cute succulent and air plant terrarium/potting ideas!

5. J.Crew Factory New Arrivals-
Now that most stores have started to switch to spring and summer clothes, I have seen lots of fun bright pieces! J.Crew Factory has some great new arrivals, including some adorable light sweaters perfect for this beginning of spring (still chilly in Boston) weather! They also have 30% off new arrivals!

Have a great first weekend of spring!

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